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Brother’s Best Friend by Amy Sanderlin

If you love L.A. Pepper, Elizabeth Stevens, River Alder, or Katie Knight, you will love this book!

Hidden among the titles in my Kindle Unlimited library, I came across this sweet sexy read.

One thing I truly appreciate about Amy’s writing is how she tells the story. Where most authors would make this sex for the sake of sex, Amy hasn’t. The characters are vibrant and real. The relationship between Jessie and each person is unique and heartfelt. There’s history here, among everyone. Just little things that are woven in here and there about each of them and where they’ve gone in life before coming together, here at home, for the summer.

The first encounter happens by a spark that fanned into a wildfire, it was as passionate as it was unexpected, and as all-consuming as it was short-lived. But it’s the consequences of that encounter that give our leading lady pause.

Jessie truly loves her brother, hating how her love life has affected him, and the relationship he once had with a once-best friend, in the past. She doesn’t want to risk his pain again for the sake of her pleasure, and that is a surprising depth to find in a book of this quick-hit genre. I’m truly impressed by this author’s ability to sculpt this story so smoothly and richly.

There are author names we all know in the romance world—Dorothy Garlock, JoAnna Lindsey, DiAnna Steele. I’ve read multiple titles from each of them, novels well into the 90K+ word length, and I can tell you this: The way Amy weaves this story and brings the characters and conflict to life, bringing it from a low whisper to a rich roar before it decrescendos into the final notes, puts them to shame.

I honestly don’t think any of those authors has been able to capture the emotion and range quite like Amy has. This is a short story that is on par with L.A. Pepper.

Speaking Out Against Racist Memes

Originally posted to Facebook by: Catherine Herbert

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One of my social worker friends posted this response to this meme and I think it’s important to pass it along:

This is what I get paid to do and yes, some days I end up pinned to the wall by my neck, pulled to the ground by my pony tail, threatened with a shiv, or take a rock to the back… but you know who is alive at the end of the day? Everyone. Because we have trauma informed care, safe utilization of psychiatric restraint techniques which prohibits ALL horizontal (or “side lying”) restraint, padded blocking shields to allow someone to work out their energy in a safe way or to get staff close enough to remove the pipe in this case, and when necessary physician/psychiatry ordered and medically supervised use of medication for deescalation, which is also then taken to a review board post use. All incidents which require ANY form of restraint are reviewed, any video is analyzed and from which we learn, grow and retrain staff as necessary.

This “psycho” probably needs a shower, a snack and then a nap or maybe someone to talk to about whatever triggered this episode. Possibly a full review of his medication and it’s efficacy.

Or maybe he was a black kid with autism in Austin, TX who’s group home didn’t pick up his meds and give them to him for a week so he was having a meltdown, going door to door trying to find someone to help him and he gets shot to death by an armed homeowner. #jaredjames #blm #blackautisticlivesmatter

Fuck who ever made this meme and fuck you if you think it’s funny. Mental health isn’t a fucking joke asshole.

The Confederacy Never Went away, it was just dressed up in frills and lace to hide in plain sight.

Full credit goes to author/blogger/historian Jared Yates Sexton. You can find him on Twitter @JYSexton

His book, that discusses all of this further in detail will be released 20 September, 2020 and is available for pre-order. You can find it here.

Thanks also goes to my friend, Amanda Reynolds, for sharing this thread with me.