This is supposed to be where I tell you a little bit about myself, who I am and what I strive to become. The truth is that there isn’t much to say, really. I’m not that remarkable. I don’t stand out in anyway, and unless you read fanfiction, you’ve probably never heard of me. Even if you do read fanfiction, I find that most haven’t seen my works. I’m friendly, at least I like to think so. To sum it up, I’m that girl sitting under the tree with a book in her hands. You’ll walk by without seeing me, and that’s perfectly fine. My voice is in my words, you can find me tucked away with my writing.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the things you’ve found here. If you’re curious at all, you can find a link to my public writing below, as well as my original works on my Patreon page.

My Fanfictions

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