Flash Fiction #8

I want to thank DasBaiyo for responding to my last flash. I know a few others who had planned to flash for the prompt, had instead found themselves turning their flash into a series story instead. Good luck with that my friends, and I’m glad I could inspire you. This prompt is going to be a little bit different. See the information below.

Word limit: 100 – 2500 words (If you find the prompt turning into a series instead of a flash, give us a link to where you posted it, along with an excerpt.)

Genre: Tell us what genre your piece is (Angst, drama, horror, thriller, romance, etc)

Name and Twitter handle


1 thought on “Flash Fiction #8

  1. Lydia


    I’m guarding myself,
    Always protecting against everyone else.

    I let my guard down just for a bit,
    Like the game of battleship, I take a hit.

    Keeping a distance from everything that hurts,
    Since I never feel like being curt.

    I love people with everything I have,
    Often I end up the one who is sad.

    But trust me please, when I say I’m ok,
    I would never ever put myself in harms way.

    I may be brash and bold in thought,
    But behind my words is a simple plot.

    To enjoy life and have some fun,
    Maybe spend some time in the sun.

    So remember that I love much more than I drink,
    Tossing my keys to you in a wink.

    I won’t let myself get caught in the fire,
    Simply overwhelmed cause my stress has been dire.

    Remember I am always on guard,
    Even when my life is but a shard!



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