The Purity Series by Sueric

There never had been any kind of stipulations that I set for myself when I decided to post reviews of things that I’ve read. There was no hard line that I decided it had to be a book or other professionally published material. I say this now, in the beginning of this, because the written works I bring before you fall under the category of fanfiction. A story, or series of stories, written about a published book, movie, tv series, anime/manga, or other material – Fanfiction.

Why am I posting a fanfiction review here, you might ask. Simply put, this woman – this amazing and brilliant author – has created a world that I fall into time and time again. Her words enthrall me, ensnare me, lift me up and let me fall, and I can’t help but want to take the ride with her time and time again. The anime/manga that her series is based on is InuYasha, and I promise that you will fall as deeply in love with it as I have.

It begins with InuYasha and Kagome’s story. The Shikon no Tama has finally been completed, and in a moment when the only thing she wants is to bring happiness to the one she loves, Kagome purifies the jewel with a single wish. What she doesn’t realize is that the one thing that has made her hanyou the happiest, is her. He travels through time just to find her, and once he does, he has to make her remember him and love him all over again.


The next in the series is Toga’s story. He is the son of Sesshoumaru and Kagura, and though he may be the heir to the Inu no Taisho and the next in line for the TaiYoukai, he has always been closer to his Uncle Yasha. Struggling to find a way to be true to his beliefs and find himself outside of his father’s reach, Toga leaves Japan, and finds himself in America. He finds himself, and his mate, in the bustling city of Chicago, but all is not wine and roses for this inu youkai.

Purity 2: Defiance

The third story in this series is the tale of Izayoi Ryomaru, the son of Inuyasha and Kagome. He was a little too bad a little too often, but sometimes, the best things come in the most unexpected of ways.

Purity 3: Forever

There is an old saying I once heard that said “To love is to sacrifice. To give a piece of your soul to another is to choose to let another part of your heart go.” In the fourth installment of the Purity Series, Sueric brings this ssaying to life in a beautiful and poignant way. Your heart will be captured, bound by love, loyalty and heartbreak as you follow Inuyasha’s treasured daughter, Gin, and his younger twin son, Kichiro, as they each find their mates. You will laugh, cry, and find yourself entranced by her words.

Purity 4: Justification

She was running from the darkness, the shadows and demons that only she could see. He was sent to find her, to bring her in. Neither one knew how very much it would change both their lives. Come follow along as Cain and Gin’s eldest son, and heir to the Tai Youkai – Bas, finds his mate in a cat youkai named Sydnie.

Purity 5: Phatasms

She knew she loved him from the first moment she saw him. His strength and calm was something she loved as much as the rolling waves of the water. He didn’t know what to think of her. Too vibrant, too beautiful, she always seemed to be just outside of reach. They’d known each other forever, been best friends for twenty years, and then one moment, one chance, and he opened his heart to hers. Follow the love story of Cain and Gin’s adopted daughter, Jillian “Jilli” Zelid, and her mate Gavin, the son of Cain’s top hunter, Moe Jamison.

Purity 6: Shameless

He had a past he couldn’t run from. No matter how much time passed, the memories would never fade, and the scars that hindered his movements refused to allow him any peace from the nightmares that haunted his dreams. She was made of light, surrounded by love, and as free as the wild wind itself. She knew he would fight the truth that they were meant to be, but she intended to show him in every way she could that being her mate wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. The only question that remained was: would he let her heal his heart?

Purity 7: Avouchment

He was the reincarnation of someone her grandfather, Inuyasha, knew long ago. She was Izayoi Kichiro’s daughter who had chosen the path of the warrior. In all the ways that fate could have brought them together, never once did anyone believe it would begin in darkness and pain.

Purity 8: Vendetta

He had lived his life in the shadow of his brother, his perfect brother. He wasn’t one to wait and think, to be slow and careful. He was ruled by his heart, and sought solace in his music, and in that he was more like his father than either would ever believe. She had grown up in a world that was too unstable, too unreliable. She clung to what little security she could find, and created herself a cage that she called safety. He loved her without question, but would love be enough to save her?

Purity 9: Subterfuge

There is more to come, and as she works further on this amazing series, I will bring you links and blurbs. Were it up to me, Sueric would never let this series end.

You can find all of collected works listed on her blog as well. Simply click here.

2 thoughts on “The Purity Series by Sueric

  1. sueric

    Did you know the first few chapters of P10 is also posted, as well? 🙂 You’ve summarized the stories far better than I can. I stink at summaries!


    1. whisperingwolf Post author

      I saw the first few chapters, but I need MOAR!!! I like to have a bit more hanyou to sink my teeth into before I give them belly rubbins. ^_~



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