Flash Fiction #7

I haven’t posted one of these in a long time, mainly because there was really no response for the last two I had up. I’m going to try again and see what happens. Same rules apply as always:

Please include the following in your post:

– Your name

– Twitter handle

– Word count (100 – 1000 word limit)


This is another video prompt. It’s one of my favorite songs by The Civil Wars called “The Devil’s Backbone”

1 thought on “Flash Fiction #7

  1. glin23

    Word Count: 414

    “Mr. Claiborne, it’s time.” The nurse said, promptly raising the bedrails.

    He knew it was, in fact he had been waiting 3 months for this moment. The familiar ache of his knee would finally be gone, a few months of rehab and it would be as good as new. He would be young again. Or maybe not young, but he’d be better than his half gimpy self that had to stop to rest his knee every quarter mile or so.

    His wife met him in the hallway. “Claire, it’ll be fine. I’ve got the best surgeon in the state working on me.” He reassured her.

    “I just… I worry.” she breathed her voice barely rising above the mechanical tones of the hospital. Her hand reflexively sought his, as her fingers grazed his arm, finally finding their target through the cornucopia of wires and tubes.

    “It’s just a few hours.” he breathed. “It’ll be great.”

    Suddenly a little hand made an appearance along side the gurney. “Hey, Alexis. Be good for your mommy ok? I’ll be gone for a few more hours.” He soothed, his mouth forming a lopsided grin.

    “Daddy, no!” she yelled, tears rolling down her face.

    Even though he knew it would happen, it was still hard to hear. Motioning for the orderly to stop the gurney, he spoke again. “Sweetie, I know you’re scared but daddy is going to be fine.”

    “No!!!” his daughter shrieked, plopping down on he ground, as the damn broke open upon her face.

    “Sweetheart, he’s going to be fine. Remember? God always takes care of good people.” Her mother finally spoke. Flashing back to that fateful day where her husband interceded against some rude party goers, she fought back to hide her disgust as she remembered how his knee had shattered.

    Even though she knew the procedure was fairly routine, just thinking about what it took to get here gave her the chills. But she knew she had to be the adult upon which her daughter could find her strength.

    Alexis only nodded her acknowledgement through the waterfalls that had erupted upon her face.

    “He has the best doctors and nurses looking after him.” She continued as she scooped up Alexis awkwardly off the ground. A quick glance at her husband she saw him give a curt nod to the orderly who resumed their journey to the elevator, eventually to the OR where her partner would finally once again become the man she knew he was.



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