FlashFiction 3

I love all of the pretty words that people have been sharing with me. Raise your voices to the world, my friends. I am excited by the flashes that I’ve seen, and must admit that it’s a fun way to showcase another’s talent. I love being able to show off your voices and encourage your writing.

As I had a favorable response with the previous song prompt, I’ve decided to offer another one. Let your muse’s run free. This song is from one of my favorite Broadway musicals “The Secret Garden”. This prompt will be open until Friday night at midnight.

Remember the rules. Word count is a minimum 100 to a max of 500 words. Include your name and Twitter handle with your story in the response.

1 thought on “FlashFiction 3

  1. aywowww

    Name: Alex Owens
    Twitter handle: @aywowww
    Word count: 496

    Patience was not a virtue I possessed. Checking my phone for the third time in the ten minutes I had been standing in this line, I see a text. Sliding the lock screen open, I read it:

    “Something interesting came across my desk this morning. Reply ASAP to set up a meeting.”

    From my lawyer. Odd. Moving forward, I place my order. I hated being late and this line to get a coffee had set me back ten minutes. Exiting out of my texts, I switch over to my calendar to check for an opening. He never contacts me personally unless it’s important. I go back to my texts to reply with a date and time, hoping it works for him.

    Sliding my phone back into my pocket, I look up at the barista who seems to have asked me something. I start to speak but the words stick in my throat.

    Hazel eyes are nothing to be shocked about, but this woman’s eyes were not your average “hazel” color. They had violet flecks in the iris and were surrounded by a black ring. I was stunned into silence as she repeated her question.

    “Was this to go?” She raises her brows, obviously confused by my reaction. Pulling myself together, I stutter out a “y-yes”. She turns to complete my to go order and I stand there staring. This girl couldn’t be older than sixteen but I’d seen those eyes before. Long ago, in many forms. Happiness, in the throes of passion, anger and hurt. Flashes of a person whose name I couldn’t bring myself to think begin to run through my head. When the girl comes back, I’m sweating.

    She reads me the total and smiles at me, knocking the breath out of me when it reaches her eyes. I squeeze my own eyes shut and think: Lily’s eyes. Thrusting my card into her hand, she swipes it through the machine.

    It must be a coincidence. Surely other people have the strange eye color as this girl in front of me. As…Lily. She hands my card back and I all but stumble backwards in a panic to get away from this girl with the strange eyes.

    Bursting through the cafe doors, I hail a cab, get in and spout off the company address, sorting through my thoughts. There’s no way that girl could be related to Lily but could she be? I hadn’t had contact with her in sixteen years so I wouldn’t know. Clearing my head of this hazel eyed girl, I pull out my phone and call my lawyer. He answers on the first ring.

    “I was hoping you’d call. The date works, but I think this is something you need to clear your schedule for. ” He sounds anxious.

    “What’s this about ? I’m scheduled tight for two days.”

    “It’s a will, with you being the only beneficiary.”

    “I don’t understand. Mother’s inheritance is settled. Who’s will is it?”

    “A woman named Lily.”



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